Does Your Domain Authority Have Any Impact On SEO?

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Domain Authority (DA) is a metric provided by Moz. It's a popular way to evaluate the quality of a certain domain. Assuming the metric - zero is worst and 100 is the best number. DA refers to the number of backlinks belonged by particular domains. As many as possible referring domains to our website is equal to better Domain Authority Rank. Quality of the backlinks is crucial when we talk about authority. Backlinks came from trusted sources (websites) are more valuable. Considered as valuable could be sites like Facebook, Wikipedia and other websites possessing high Domain Authority. Depending on the niche, link from a website with DA = 50 could be better than with DA = 70. DA metric is not guaranteed for results. It's just a forecast metric. Since 2019, Moz has upgraded the way of calculating authority. Source Link:

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  1. admin said:

    Don't forget to check another metrics - Referral Domains, Backlinks, Spam Score. Research all expired domains more complex, not just DA.

    Posted at: 7 months ago

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