How genuine are top pages that are linked to an expired domain?

Posted at: 12/09/2019 15:49 | in: Ask a question | Created by: Chaney

How to make research which are the most valuable pages of a domain and metrics itself?

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  1. admin said:

    Yes, there have free tools to inspect backlinks of an expired domain.


    Just put in the box any URL and research all backlinks. Next, you can use this tool to review DA.

    Consider rate between no-follow and do-follow links. Also, carefully recognize weak backlinks that are do-follow. Do-follow backlinks are a major ranking factor, so you need to focus on their quality. Once, you've seen backlinks, divide them to the referral domains. It's crucial to get information about Spam Score/Citation Flow/Trust Flow and DA. 

    So. I suggest to you: as first, inspect referred domains and then if they contain good metrics, go ahead with backlinks from each referral domain. 

    Posted at: 8 months ago

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