How long it takes to get ranked after 301 Redirect?

Posted at: 28/08/2019 15:36 | in: Ask a question | Created by: crazymonster

Hello, I did a 301 redirect and I'm curious how long it takes to get any result?

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  1. freeplanetas said:

    It takes 3-6 months. The reason is trivial: expired domains are not crawled often by Google.

    Posted at: 8 months ago

  2. admin said:

    Yes, it is slow. Google does not index or even crawls expired domains very often.


    Most links to the expired domain had been built a long time ago (according to the fact it is expired already). Google does not crawl the oldest articles where the expired domain linked as prior. So, it takes a while. 

    In this case, you cannot expect any fast result.  As @freeplanetas said above - up to 6 months, sometimes more than this.

    Posted at: 8 months ago

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