How Many Expired Domains I need to Get Ranked?

Posted at: 13/08/2019 12:47 | in: Ask a question | Created by: mystery91

Hi folks. How Many Expired Domains do I need to Get Ranked?

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  1. admin said:

    Hey! There has not a particular number to be said. Depends on a few factors such as niche, competitors, quality of expired domains, etc. Also, what will the purpose of those domains? PNB? Redirects? I could advise you to not create more than 10 redirects (301) for a domain at a time. If you create a PNB network, be aware! Don't create PNB on the same IP. Each website must load on a different server. Also, when you choose cheap and shared hosting, note most providers have a thousand customers just like you. Their services are not trusted.

    Posted at: 7 months ago

  2. freeplanetas said:

    Get Ranked? Did you mean: ranked for the first time to any position or ranked on the top? In the first case: it is not very smart to rank with expired domains. How trusted looks like a website with backlinks came from expired domains? In other cases: it takes a long time and buying expired domains is not everything that will help. You need backlink juice - diverse do-follow and no-follow links plus came from quality sources.

    Posted at: 6 months ago

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