How to get backlinks from Wikipedia?

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I tried to edit a page and to post my backlink to an article but moderators revert the page quickly. How can I achieve a backlink from Wikipedia?

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  1. admin said:

    It has not a formula. Some people share that have got Wiki backlinks from non-English pages. In my opinion, if you did not belong to a website that is international, that kind of backlinks I can't consider as quality ones. 

    Another approach is to find out Wiki Contributor and ask/pay for a backlink. Of course, this is an expensive service.  

    Creating your own page is almost impossible. Why? You cannot credit with sources a business page. 

    Create a page for something related to your niche. In other words, write for something that has no information on Wikipedia. And as a source link your websites. Of course, put your link between decent others (as many as possible).

    Translate existing page. Find a page that already has an English version and create a prototype of it on your mother language. Put a link between another trusted. 

    Note: You must have a credible website that seems like a trusted source. 

    Posted at: 8 months ago

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