How To Pick Up An Expired Domain

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Tired to create a guest posting and still no results? Or you've already built thousands of backlinks that do not help to rank better?

Well, using expired domains is a good opportunity.

Go to the end of this article to see a real example.


What is an Expired Domain?

Expired domains are domains which are not renewed. It means they are available to be registered. A most common reason to not renew is auto-renew option disabled. In this case, the owner of the domain must pay a domain manually. Other situations when certain domains are expired: owner can't update the website or did not achieve expected results; dead of the owner; missed billing date; and many more.


Why Expired Domains could impact SEO?

  • Build 301 Redirect to Your Website
  • Create a powerful private blog network
  • Start a website with a history instead of a brand new website without any backlink history


How To Get Started?

First, you must be familiar with a few metrics that measure the quality of the domain.


Backlink Profile

Probably, if you're newbie, don't know what exactly is a backlink profile. That refers to the number and quality of links (from our website) placed on external websites. Let assume that we have a website for clothes. Every time when we share a link from our clothes website to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, we build a backlink which refers to our website. These mentions tell the search engines that our website is valuable. Think about: thousands of people share your content, how trustable is look like? 

But wait! There are bad backlinks that we can acquire!

What is the definition of a bad link?



Age of the domain

Google confirms that the age of the domain is a ranking factor. Why? Think about: most websites drop (don't renew) for a year.  The Domain Age for the top 20 hardly had any domains that were under 1 year old. In average - 1.6% of all searches include in top 20 brand new websites. You can check it out. 


Spammy Content

Most people believe that many backlinks are better than quality backlinks. No! 

It depends on the niche and the competition for particular keywords. But still, the number is not a crucial factor. In order to acquire as many as possible backlinks, webmasters collect weak external links. It's a wrong #1. 

There are so many services (SemRush, Ahref, etc) that could give you a list with all links bounded to a certain domain, even expired one. 

Be aware for weak links coming from spammy/not finished/empty websites with not unique/not well-written/including decent links to other weak websites content.


How the backlinks are still alive after domain expiration?

It is interesting that most website owners do not remove inactive/expired links included in past articles. Can you imagine? Is it possible to clean all expired links in thousands of articles? The quick answer is no! These links exist and could be used.



Previous History of The Domain

It's important to check out the previous history of the domain before expiration. That could be checked easily. Go To Archive.Org and put in the search box the domain name. It will show you captures of the website in the past - how it looked like and how spammy is! 



We build a website for clothes (e-shop). Let assume that we sell exclusively dresses that could not be found anywhere. For this example, let's say the domain is

After a time, Huffington Contributor contacts us and wanted to write for our shop. Everything goes to the plan. The article has been published and we get a link in Huffington. Well done! After a year, those dresses come very popularly and every e-shop started to sell them. Bad! Our profit decreased and we decide to sell our website/domain.

Someone bought the business that we've created.  Well! That someone could do 2 things:

  • try to develop and manage the business that we sold

In this case, we can say - it is a complicated goal. It's not easy to recover the whole business, especially when we talk about a huge competition. 

  • redirect the domain to its own website

This approach is often used. Why? All backlinks from have been transferred to the buyer website. And, that powerful link from Huffington will be considered as a backlink to the buyer website.


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