Is the name of expired domain name reflects the ranking?

Posted at: 15/08/2019 13:31 | in: Ask a question | Created by: holie88

I'm curious how the domain name impacts the ranking? If the name of an expired domain contains the keyword(s) from money website?

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  1. admin said:

    I don't think the name impacts SEO at all. It's a weak ranking factor due to buying related domain names is so easy. In fact, I have multiple domains that are equal with the main keyword but they did not compete very well. Also, that is not a quite good approach. Think of your domain brings your main keyword. How hard could be to create internal pages with the same keywords and especially matching the keyword. Example: "music charts" or It seems spammy.

    Posted at: 7 months ago

  2. freeplanetas said:

    If the name consist part of your keyword is not bad. But it's a mistake to buy domains with appearances in one keyword. Usually, websites receive traffic from multiple sources and keywords (combinations of words). So. it's not very important at all.

    Posted at: 6 months ago

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