Link Building Techniques

Posted at: 19/08/2019 15:07 | in: SEO Tips | Created by: Vishmi

1. Partner Linking You can contact your friends, customers, business partners and request them to create a link to your website within their web page. • Reciprocal Links: Link exchange between two websites is considered as this. Search Engines don’t give a speciality for this kind of links. So every time should try to get one-way incoming links. 2. Content Distribution There are many free article directories on the internet. These websites give away links to your website from the article you have written for their website. You can add links to your website through this method. Ex:, This method is very famous regarding link building. 3. Directory Submission There are many Web Directories on the internet. Some of them are paid directories and some of them are free. You can publish your website on them. It will add you another link.

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