Need of advise: where to host my PNB websites?

Posted at: 28/08/2019 15:39 | in: Ask a question | Created by: freeplanetas

I wanna tell you: I know it's important to host each website to a different server (ip) and so on but I'm not sure where to host actually? How much it costs and is there a cheap solution but still quality service for building PNB?

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  1. admin said:

    It is OK if you have a few sites only hosted on the IP, but it becomes a problem when you host many sites on the same IP address... and they're apart of PNB. As it could expose your PBN. You can get a dedicated IP through a VPS plan or a Cloud Hosting provider like Digital Ocean or Vultr.


    I cannot recommend cheap PNB hostings because they have thousands of websites in order to provide a cheap solution. But if google strike one domain hosted to PNB hosting, it could hurt your hosted PNB websites as well. In the other side, it is strange to host only your own website on 1 IP Address.


    If you were to sign up for a VPS account or a dedicated server account at a hosting company, they essentially give you a dedicated IP address to host all your sites on that Server or VPS space on the server. So, only your sites would be hosted on that IP. And so, if you have a set of 10 PBNs that you want to host, and you put them all on this dedicated IP address, and there are no other sites on this IP – then effectively you are leaving a hosting footprint for Google to detect you.

    And compared to a shared hosting environment - where large farms of websites are all on the same IP address (99% of which are real websites) Google does not know where to start. It can’t single out the sites that look like PBN on a large farm of sites.

    Posted at: 6 months ago

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