Off-page SEO (Make it above in the Search Engine Algorithm)

Posted at: 19/08/2019 11:05 | in: SEO Tips | Created by: Vishmi

Promotional work we doing in outer regarding your website is called off-page SEO or making a name to your website on the Internet. Normally it counts by the number of links to your website from other websites. Google has introduced a method which gives a value to a website according to the number of incoming links and outgoing links. This is called as Google page rank. Page rank is between a number 1-10. In that era, Google has been decided the SERP rank for a website completely from the PR number. So website owners try their best to get incoming links. But the present day it has changed. Google has considered more qualifications besides of PR. Link building gets certain importance in off-page SEO. What is the important in link building is the quality of links not the number of links.

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