On-page SEO (Make Website Search Engine Friendly) II

Posted at: 15/08/2019 11:57 | in: SEO Tips | Created by: Vishmi

6. Use correct Anchor Text Use Anchor Text indicating the content of the web page which you want to link from your website to another website or your page. 7. Use Suitable SEO tricks for Images • Search Engines cannot read photos. They identify the content of photos by their ALT tags. So do remember to assign true ALT tags to each image. • Store all the containing photos of your website in Single folder. Don’t use different folders for that. • Use matching name when you naming Image files. • Don’t use too long names for image files. 8. Use Heading Tags correctly Heading tags are used to change the size of letters on a web page. There are six heading tags from h1 to h6. H1 presents big letters. So Search Engines give priority to h1 (heading 1) and least importance to h6. • Use heading tags to notify to Search Engines about prime things in the Web Page. • It is a good SEO method, giving heading tags in different places contained keywords relevant to Web Page. • Avoid using heading tags too much in the web page. • Don’t give all the information about the Web Page under the Heading Tags. It will give trust issues for the Search Engines.

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