The Do-Not-Do Footprint Checklist When Use PNB (LIST 2019)

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One wrong decision and you could lose entire PBN that you built. It could be a waste of money and time. So, be wise!

Hosting Footprints

  • using the same registrar - divide all domains to different registrars

  • registering all domain on the same date - it seems a reason to get flagged

  • common email across all domain 

  • common who is on all domains - use free domain privacy. It seems spammy but it is better than exposing yourself. See Namesilo.

  • cheap hosting providers - they host thousands of domains just like yours. How spammy is that?
  • small hosting companies = risk. Trust to popular hosting providers. Check them out on SimilarWeb.

  • common name servers on multiple sites in PBN

  • SOA shows your common email address (when doing shared hosting the hosting company SOA appears)

  • Excessive Cloud CDN (Cloudflare)

Site Setup Footprints

  • Mass redirection via 404 of all pages

  • Extreme Bot blocking (perhaps an issue, not too critical)

  • Same plugins on all sites

  • Same Theme on all sites

  • Using Same Analytics

  • Using same Affiliate code (if affiliate sites)

  • Similar robots.txt files / blocking same crawlers (use .htaccess instead as it cannot be read)

  • Using same author name on all sites

  • Quick 2 minute setup sites with not much work into them

Site Content Footprints

  • All posts link to a money site

  • No outbound links to authority sites

  • No internal page linking / cross-linking

  • All posts have similar number of words (500)

  • Content is badly spun or duplicated

  • Not having Pages (only having posts)

  • Exact number of posts on all sites

  • Same images and media on all sites

  • Sites missing contact us, privacy policy, T&C pages

  • Posts on site made on same day

Site Linking Footprints

  • Always inserting a link in the first post on all sites

  • Using the same number of links to a money site

  • Using too many non-relevant sites as compared to the money site

  • Linking out to same money site

  • Linking between PBN sites

  • Using too much of exact match keyword link



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    Good tips. I'm agreed with everything. Nice work!

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