Total Backlinks vs Referral Domains?

Posted at: 17/09/2019 10:21 | in: Ask a question | Created by: Youko

Please, advise me. I found domains with metrics as follow:

Total Backlinks: 11 155

Referral Domains: 16

Average: 697 links per domain

Is it a quality domain or I have to check something additionally?

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  1. admin said:


    Please, share with us some additional information:

    - the price - not more $50 for these metrics provided above.

    - referral IPs - at least 10 (according to a number of referring domains).

    - domain's spam score - not more 3.

    Next, go to and find how it looks like this domain during the time. If there have 301-redirects, spammy content (non-English content refer to spam), etc, just skip the domain as soon as possible. 

    Posted at: 6 months ago

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