Types of inbound Links to the PBN Domain (Tips 2019)

Posted at: 12/10/2019 16:09 | in: SEO Tips | Created by: Boone

There are all types of links that you will see while you examine the link profiles of a potential PBN domain.

Blog Comments 

These are good if they stick and are from relevant niche sites. They may not be as powerful as the other backlinks but they are valuable. Unfortunately, most blogs are spammed and google knows they're not trusted anymore. Please, check page authority to the article where you plan to publish a comment. Also, summarize page authority and domain authority and if they're not satisfying, just go ahead without a comment.

Forum Profile Links

These are highly toxic and a large quantity of these is a clear indication that some spam tool for the run to build backlinks to this domain. As blog comments, Google is clever enough and know where spammers went to achieve fast backlinks.

Directory Links

As long as they are from niche or local directories these are mostly good. They can help if you are trying to build a local money site.

Don't forget to see how popular is certain domain directory. There are a thousand useless directories which could hurt your ranking.

Sitewide Footer and Sidebar Links

These are mostly low quality. If a site has too many of these, consider dropping it unless the other metrics are good.

Google recognizes all these links as 'sponsored link' or 'exchanged link', especially if could be seen on both websites. Putting a link to the footer means that you don't get priority to it (it is useless for your users). As final, miss external links on the footer.

Image Links 

These are gold, if they have proper alt text and the image is above the fold.

Did you see articles that describe a source of the image? Right! Google loves that kind of mention placed to the image.

Contextual Links 

These are the best kinds of links out there. Especially if they come from relevant sites.

Contextual means 'near to the topic'. For example, when we put a backlink to our musical website to billboard.com. Perfect! 

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