What are the Redirects on SEO?

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Found a best-expired domain for your business and you're curious how to use it properly?

Well, you can generate a redirect! It could point to your website from an expired domain.

What is a Redirect?

It is a way to send all users visiting your pages to different URLs (website).  That means you could send all users who visited your expired domain to your original website. Plus, when you redirect your regular visitors, you do the same with all search engines. Three ways to get redirected are well-known:



Meta Refresh

301 Permanent Redirect

Why 301? It's HTTP Code to alert the browser what happens with a website. 301 aka 'Moved Permanent' do a redirect which says: it is forever. The HTTP code does not affect your users but it is crucial for search engines. You say: 

- Hey, Google! My business achieved a new website and now that new website should point to my main website. 

Let's say: example.com is your primary domain. Then you bought a new - expired domain example3.com from the marketplace. When you redirect example3.com to example.com, you confirm that example3.com belongs to your business and it redirects to example.com.

What do you earn? 

Google notes the redirect and then say:

- Well done! The whole backlink profile of example3.com has been sent to example.com.

Amazing! example3.com has a thousand links. Now, they've been extracted to example.com. Note! example.com will inherit all backlinks, as well as, spam history of the example3.com, and all metrics.

Do this Careful! 


302 Temporarily Redirect

302 aka 'Temporarily Moved' do a redirect which says: it is for a while. The HTTP code does not mean anything to your visitors, but it's extremely important for search engines. You say:

- Hey, Google! My business has temporarily issued and need for some time to fix them and I prefer to redirect my website for a while.

In fact, there is not a good idea to move a temporary domain to another domain. Probably, the result will be similar to a 301 Redirect. 

"301s and 302s may be treated similarly, but our evidence suggests that the safest way to ensure search engines and browsers of all kinds give full credit is to use a 301 when permanently redirecting URLs", said Google.


Meta Refresh

It is a type of redirect which allows you to execute a redirect on the page level rather than the server level. This is not a good SEO technique.


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