what exactly is 'spammy backlink'?

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Great website. 

I would like to ask, how can you define 'spammy backlink' and how to prevent from it?

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  1. admin said:

    Spammy backlink: could refer to webpages contain decent sponsored/spammy comments or content published on a particular website/article that is not trusted.

    Trusted Content could be described as clear, well-written, not automatic generated text/image/video/etc, that is relevant to the topic of the article/website where has been posted. 

    Spammy links:

    a backlink from a forum profile

    a backlink came from article's comment from spammy website/article where has decent else backlinks to not trusted websites.

    How to prevent? 

    Go to Google Webmaster Tools and analyze all external backlinks pointed to your website. If you find any spammy, add them to disavow list.

    Follow this link for instructions:


    Posted at: 8 months ago

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