Terms of Use

This site contains information written in English. Every content is generated by site users. The purpose of the site is to display content that matches its topic. Our users can accumulate points that they can exchange for money. We earn money from our advertisers and pay commissions to our users (take a look below).

Registration is free and the site does not require any additional fees. One user has the right to create only one profile (it is valid to all websites in our media group). Registrations are open to users worldwide. Any registered user can change their password or request the deletion of an account at any time. The site may block access to your account if there is a violation of these terms of use. Not allowed - more than one user account; using proxy servers; fake traffic; and any other methods of manipulating the website in an unauthorized manner.

Writing content in English is a must. Publishing of advertising links or mentions is prohibited. Insults, threats, indecent words and expressions, words and expressions expressing racism or hatred for a person or group of people are strictly forbidden. Repeated content is not allowed. Writing any form of spam and illegal content will lead to suspending the account. Content that is not related to the topic of the site or a particular discussion will be deleted or modified. Content creators are responsible for the content in the topics they publish, having the ability to delete their own content only untill it has been approved. The content that users have written becomes the property of this site. In cases where the user wishes to delete own account, then transfers the ownership of the entire content to the site. The site itself have to anonymize the content, in order to not relate with the original owner. The site has the right to delete, modify, and use the content written by users.

If the site has enabled, you can accumulate points when doing different actions on it. Sometimes the site will require you to enable the functionality manually. Points can be converted in cash. To exchange points for money, you need the content you've written on the site, and your actions in the site must comply with the rules. If you have violated more than five times any rule, the site has the right to refuse to exchange your points for money. If you violate the rules, your access to the site may be suspended. The site may change the conditions for the accumulation of points and their exchange for money at any time. After requesting to exchange money points, the site has the right to review user profiles and, if violations are found, to punish or block the user. The verification process finishes up to 14 days from the time of application. If the user qualifies to exchange it's points , then the amount in the balance will be transferred within 30 days of the end of the manual check. Payments are made via Paypal. The minimum balance the user has to reach is determined by the site and can be changed at any time. It is possible that the site does not publish information on how many points you will get in a different site activity to avoid intentional spam.